Waves & Surf Season


Want to surf empty, warm water waves with just you and your friends?
The best months to come are November to April, when we consistently receive North to East Swells – we’ve a wide swell window from E to NW. Swells come from typhoons in the West, from North Pacific lows, and/or trade wind swells from the East.
It’s not uncommon to score waves during the fringe/shoulder months of October and May. 


Some of the Waves . .


Primary swell magnet for the area and the closest wave to Tautsina Surf Lodge.
A consistent outer reef pass left, 5 minutes by boat.

The Left:

Left reef breaking around a small island, 15 minutes by boat.


Another wave that’s a swell magnet, 30 minutes by boat.
Holds plenty of size.


Left reef point, fun wave with 3 sections, 30 minutes by boat.


Long left point, breaks on sand/cobblestone.
Offers fun, mellow waves, 30 minutes by boat.